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PEO Services

At SchieldPEO we offer a full range of benefit provider options.  We are happy to sit with you and review your current plan options to see if we can offer a more cost-effective arrangement based on your company size, particular needs, or specific industry you are in.  We aren’t in the business of selling to sell, we’re in the business of providing the best solution for lasting clients.

The following are the key areas where we can help your organization:

Human Resources

With a co-employment (PEO) model, business owners can delegate many of the timely back-office administration tasks that can be a burden on a business rather than helping improve and grow the business itself.

Employee life cycle:
Ability to streamline the employee life cycle and hiring process with paperless enrollment (electronic on-boarding, applicant tracking and E-Verify)

Payroll & Tax-filings:
Work directly with a payroll specialist to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, making sure federal and state taxes are paid and filed accurately and on time (940 & 941’s). 

HR Specialists:
With educated and experienced HR specialists, not only will you get a team of HR professionals with HR “best practices”, you can have your current HR director work directly with the team in order to best resolve any HR issue that could arise from discrimination, termination, harassment, employee handbook design and employment hiring compliance.

Time & Attendance:
Streamline your employee’s clockin-clockout system with a fully integrated system that will transfer the data directly into the payroll submission for the week. A simple verification and click of a button to submit payroll at the end of the week.

Payroll deductions:
Processing of garnishments, liens and child support.

Background checks and drug testing:
Work with your HR specialist in order to administer background checks and set up a drug test procedure, if necessary.

Employer Protection Liability Insurance (EPLI):
PEOs offer a low cost or free EPLI policy with coverage up to $1,000,000. This will protect the business owner in case of lawsuit with sexual harassment, discrimination (sex, age, race) and wrongful termination.

Cobra Administration:
With a termination of an employee, the PEO administers former employees with payment collections, notifications of enrollment with Cobra.

Workers Comp

PEOs can help lower your workers comp premiums by up to 40% immediately. PEOs are able to offer risk management products at reduced rates due to the concept of “pooling” often with 100’s of thousands of employees and the relationships that they hold with the carriers. Most PEOs provide a pay-as-you go workers compensation insurance solution and this eliminates the need for up front deposits and audits throughout the year. Some PEOs even offer incentive plans for companies that have minimal claims. PEOs are the best way to lower your workers’ comp rates immediately instead of waiting years to get your MOD lowered.

Other Services Include:

  • Professional Risk Management Support & Services
  • Professional Work Comp Claims Administration
  • On-Site Surveys, Workplace Evaluations and Reports
  • Customized Safety Manuals
  • Coordinate Ongoing Treatment in Lost-Time Accidents
  • Assist with Light Duty Return to Work Programs
  • Coordinate OSHA Reporting & Compliance

Health Benefits

PEOs are able to leverage buying power by utilizing a concept called “health insurance pooling” which leads to higher health insurance savings. Health Insurance pooling is achieved by “pooling” the work-site employees of clients together in order to achieve a larger buying power. Some of our industry partners have hundreds of thousands of work-site employees within their pool and in return have a greater buying power than any small business could achieve on their own.

Other Services Include:

  • Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Benefit Programs
  • Provide and/or Administer Group Medical Plan
  • Provide and/or Administer 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Provide and/or Maintain Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
  • COBRA Reporting & Compliance
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Pre-Tax Advantages & Administration
  • Supplemental Insurance Programs (Vision, Dental, disability, Life and More)

HRIS - Human Resource Information System

PEO’s will provide a full HRIS system which includes, report pulling, data tracking, PTO tracking, employee and employer management, and payroll entry.

Other Services Include:

  • Management of all employee information
  • Company related documents: handbooks, emergency procedures
  • Benefits tracking: enrollment and eligibility tracking
  • Payroll tax-filling integration and submission
  • Applicant tracking and resume tracking
  • Performance review tracking and disciplinary reporting

Health Benefits Broker

At SchieldPEO, we will be your health benefits broker to help find the best health benefits options possible. We will evaluate the cost, network coverage and deductibles of all plans and carriers to see if using a master PEO health benefits plan or going to the market and using a stand-alone option that could be self-funded or level-funded. We will also get creative with gap plans to increase the richness of the plan and lower premiums.